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Financial Advisory Versus Wealth Management

csm_award-menu_03_5ff1d76e51There are a number of things that you will need to know about financial advisory if you want to make sure that you reap its benefits. It can be said that the task or job of a financial advisor is a lot more limited in nature than the job that is done by a wealth manager. If you want to find out about the best financial advisers in Sydney then you will be in a very good stead if you are to take your search online and use one of the internet search engines. Please make sure that you use ‘Sydney Financial advisers’ as your search words on the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing if you want the best-suited results. But you must do it only when you have learned all about it.

It has to be said that the task of any financial adviser is to merely inform his client about the best ways and means that can be adopted in order to grow his money. The scope of work of the financial adviser is to plan out the modes and methods that his client can use to grow his money. A financial adviser has to make sure that the equities or MFs where his client is putting his money have a good chance of upward movement. The obvious thing is that the upward movement of the stocks or equities will lead to the client making more and more money. It is from this that the financial adviser earns his bread and butter. Unless and until the financial adviser is able to make money for his client he is of no use for the client.

The task that a wealth manager has to do is a lot more varied in terms of scope as well as use. The truth is that all wealth managers are also expected to be financial advisers to their clients. But a wealth manager has no option but to wear a number of other hats to in order to make sure that his job is done well. A wealth manager also has to be a tax adviser to his clients. This means that all the good wealth managers have to make sure that they give their clients ideas related to investing their money where they are able to save on taxes. This means that a wealth manager needs to very well versed, even in the taxation laws of the country. Retirement planning is also a major part of the job of a wealth manager.

In any case, it will be a very good idea if you are to opt for a wealth manager in case you are a high net worth individual. The reasons behind this are pretty simple and obvious. A high net worth individual will always need a range of services in order to make sure that their finances are managed in a better way. It will not be wrong to say that mere financial advice will never be enough for a person who has very high net worth.