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Effective Ways To Choose The Best American Silver Eagle Coins

silver_american_eaglesSilver, discovered during 4000 BC has gained significant prominence as an exchange medium. It is also used in the making of several luxury articles. The silver dollars were first cast during the year 1792 in the United States of America. The very first American Eagle silver coin was released in 1986. It carried the design of the Walking Liberty. From there on, the American silver eagle coins gained immense appreciation for its value and beauty.

More than 30 million silver eagle coins are sold annually. The portals of investopedia.com establish the importance of right investments for a secure future. For any investment, it is sensible to consider a host of factors to make a wise decision. So, here we go with the relevant factors which hold an absolute priority in your buying choice.

Giving importance to the official specifications

The Liberty Coin Act approves the American silver eagle coins. As per the title II of the amendment, the coins should be made of 99.9% pure silver. It should possess a face value of one dollar. The government specifications for content, weight and purity facilitate easy identification. The gross weight of the silver coin should be 31.10 grams. The other notable features include a diameter of 1.60 inches and thickness of 0.12 inches. The front design of the silver eagle coin holds the Lady Liberty in a gliding position towards the sun. On the other hand, the rear design has a silver eagle that holds an olive branch with its claws. There are about 13 stars that represent the different colonies.

The value and versions of the coin

The American silver eagle coins are the official tender of the country with a one dollar face value. They are used in businesses depending on the market value of silver. Though the rate of silver is higher than its face value, it provides a symbolic representation. There are three versions of the coins produced by the U.S. Mint. The bullion version of the coin is availed for typical purchase only through banks, authorized dealers, brokerage agencies, wholesalers and precious metal vendors. The collector’s and the proof version of the coins are made directly available to the public.

Silver Eagle coins offer the best investment portals

The American bullion coins are considered to be the perfect choice as it provides an investment grade. Several investment trades across the globe accept these precious coins. They offer a higher degree of privacy to the investors as the bullion coins are exempted from IRS 1099 reporting. They are also a potential option to bestow the Individual Retirement Accounts. They offer significant levels of liquidity to support different deals. It facilitates a secure transaction through authorized agencies.

Investing in the American Silver Eagle coins are a lucrative option owing to its simple tradable features. The unique design that couples with the bright luster marks a superlative degree of finesse. The substantial support provided by the U.S. government makes it an excellent choice for investment. The coins have a good resale value that is based on the silver content to which a premium is added. The silver eagle coins are available either as rolls of 20 or as boxes of 500. Hope these tips would help you in purchasing the officially authorized coins to invest for a profitable future.