Pre & Post Workout Supplements – Everything You Need To Get Started!

post-thumbYou may have a protein shake you regularly carry to your gym or you may be clueless on what to drink after your workout. Well, whatever be the case, this handy guide will help you to understand everything you need to know about workout supplements. If you are looking to gain more from your workout, then check out Workout Supplements are a great way to maximize the performance of your workout and to quicken recovery.

If you are still on the wall on whether you should work out regularly then you must have a look at this study undertaken by the Harvard University, The study proves that regular exercises not only help you to lead a healthy life but also give other surprising benefits like improving brain functions and boosting mental skills.

The Big Three of Workout Supplements
When it comes to workout supplements, you must know the big three. This comprises pre-workout supplements, post-workout supplements and a protein powder. For those who are looking to increase the intensity of their workouts or push their endurance to the next level, workout supplements are a must.

What to look for in a Pre-Workout Supplement?
For your pre-workout routine, you have to look for a product that is full of carbohydrates with a dose of caffeine. This is to help you stay alert and awake throughout the entire workout and to help your body fight fatigue till the last mile of your intense run.

What to look for in a Post-Workout Shake/Snack?
Immediately after your training, you must choose the right post-workout supplement to quicken up muscle recovery. Got sore muscles and aching legs? Then look for a supplement full of amino acids and tart cherry extracts. These two ingredients are a great way to prevent soreness of your muscles and to help you relax the tissues of your muscles.

The Final Word on Workout Supplements
Since supplements are not regulated by the FDA, it becomes difficult to pick the right supplements that actually work. There are plenty of bogus supplements flooding the market. You have to stay clear of those. One way to do that is to look for supplements that have been manufactured at a facility that has been FDA-Certified and follows the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). Also, check if it has a label that verifies it as a Dietary Supplement authenticated by the USP. This is a good way to ensure that you are getting a supplement that does exactly what it promises to deliver.

A Word of Caution
Avoid any supplement that sounds too good to be true. Stay clear of supplements that don’t have solid research backing them up and avoid the ones that have a mile long list of ingredients. This is because several studies reveal shocking news about the ingredients used in the supplement industry. Also, it is unclear how these ingredients react with each other. In a nutshell, keep it simple. Avoid anything that employs scientific jargon.

Regardless of the type of supplement you choose, they won’t do you much good if you don’t follow a regular exercise regime and eat healthily.

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