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Invest In Your Oral Health For Overall Wellness

slide01Premier dental care is an essential tool right from the childhood. Cavities appear as age progress and maintaining proper orifice can save your hard-earned money and sleepless nights. Poor oral hygiene leads to cavities which are painless initially. Bacteria continues to invade inside the cavities, leading to deep and bigger ones. Dental cavities and Tooth decay are the prime cause of almost all disease conditions including cardiac ailments. Let us discuss here the correlation between overall health and teeth.

According to Gates Head Dental professional experts, healthy eating ranks the top for a healthy mouth. Poor nutritional diet, of course, deteriorates the teeth, but the impact of bad habits majorly contribute to the poor oral cavity. The problems associated with cavities are not new to researchers. Since 1970, according to the health statistics, baby tooth decay constitutes for about more than 19% of the children and the condition is still rising at an alarming rate. Researchers have concluded that oral hygiene significantly affects the overall well-being. Take a look at to read about mouth-body connection and remedies to improve the conditions.

Gum Diseases That Deter The Health

It is a strange fact that many of our serious disease conditions start with gums and cavities. Research at the American Heart Association released certain findings relating teeth and cardiac health. Bacterial inflammation of the gums leads to chronic infections that reach the bloodstream at a higher speed. Once it reaches the arterial walls of the heart and deposits as plaques, it hardens the blood flow leading to stroke or heart attack. Gingivitis on the other hand directly affects the brain cells causing short-term memory loss.

Oral disease has a direct link with lungs. Continuous breathing of bacteria from decayed teeth cause serious conditions of pneumonia. Periodontal diseases worsen the diabetic victims and are harder to control the raised blood sugar levels. Studies show that they are more vulnerable to gum diseases than others. Gum bleeding gives shocking results on pregnant ladies. The truth is that oral infections release toxins that cross the placental walls reaching to the baby in the womb. This results in preterm labor and low birth weight babies, Thus it is evident that a bad oral hygiene poses serious health issues to the majority of the population.

Combat Oral Thrash

Oral care not only combats illness but also enhance your personality. Practice routine hygienic measures on teeth. Brushing and flossing do serve a lot, however, ensure yourself that you visit periodically for professional cleaning and fixing cavities at a dental clinic. Your drinking water supplied with fluoride found to have boundless effects on protecting enamel of the teeth. The CDC recommends this as the primary step to overcoming cavities.

Eat healthy, do not jump over cookies and chocolates, but maintain a balanced intake of foods. Sticky foods and crunchy meals invite a lot of bacteria inside are prompting its faster multiplication and form cavities. Bleeding while brushing is another symptom for infected gums. A simple toothache may be silly at first, but gradually you will face far serious impacts on health by avoiding tooth problems.

Good News About Patriot Power Greens

patriot-power-greens-review-e1452886784541Good things are always limited and this small pack of loaded with nutrients to boost your energy. The powdered drink is a combination vegetable both from land and sea, fruits, berries, probiotics, and enzymes. Overall, it is a natural product and does not contain any synthetic ingredients. On each serving of the product gives 5g of superfoods. This could be lower when compared to other green foods available in the market. What matters here is what the 5gms contains. The ingredients are highly beneficial for your health. It includes organic seaweed, organic spirulina, apple, spinach, kale, carrot, beet, tomato, cabbage, parsley, broccoli, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry and most importantly goji and Acai berries.

According to Patriot Power Greens Review, all these ingredients makes it the king of superfoods and what more it is 100% organic. Get more information on organic foods at The food is antioxidant rich. One ingredient that makes it special is the Chicory root or Inulin. It has some special health benefits like cleansing the blood and liver, antioxidant-rich, it is a soluble fiber and supports the digestive health. Apart from the above-mentioned ingredients it also contains digestive enzymes and probiotics, similar to all other green health drinks.

Patriot Power Greens contains only 5gms per serving in comparison with other green foods that have 10-12 grams per serving. Maybe this makes it less expensive when compared to other product. What makes this special is the Chicory root which is hard to find in other products.

Most green powdered drinks are not much to rave about when it comes to taste, but Patriot Power Greens is a winner as it tastes delicious. Thanks to the fruits and berries in the powder that makes it simply sweet and fruity. There is no grass and that is one of the reasons why it is not heavy.

A one month supply of Patriot Power Greens powder can cost you $1.50 per serving. It could be an expensive proposition, but if you invest in a whopper package, a five-month supply, you get the best bargain, as you get 2 jars free. This could cost you less than $1 per serving. If you plan to choose Patriot Power Greens, it is but natural to invest in a 5 month supply pack.

The product tastes delicious, thanks to the berries. It is 100% organic and the chicory is the key to making it a successful product. Buying a five-month pack could give you 2 months of free supply.

Each serving holds just 5g which are less when compared to other green drinks that normally serve 10-12g per serving. The product is free of grass and that is why the taste is good.

Overall the product would be great if you are looking for healthy organic stuff that costs less and tastes great. Though there are other green drinks available in the market with bigger serving, it is priced higher. Guess this has made it a favorite drink for health freaks who want to rejuvenate their youthful vigor.